how to install sealing ring on instant pot

how to install sealing ring on instant pot

How to Install a Sealing Ring on an Instant Pot

The sealing ring is a vital part of your Instant Pot, as it helps to create the pressure-cooker environment needed for efficient cooking. In order to replace your sealing ring, you must first remove the old one. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you install a new sealing ring on your Instant Pot.

Step #1: Unplug Your Instant Pot

Always make sure to unplug your Instant Pot before replacing its sealing ring, to avoid potential electric shocks.

Step #2: Remove the Old Sealing Ring

The old sealing ring can be removed from the lid with your hands, but if it’s stuck, use a spatula to help pry it off. If the sealing ring is stuck in place, use a thin tool such as a butter knife to help loosen it.

Step #3: Soak the New Sealing Ring in Water

The new sealing ring should be soaked in warm water for at least 20 minutes before being installed. This will help the sealing ring to become more flexible and pliable allowing for easier installation.

Step #4: Place the New Sealing Ring

Once the new sealing ring has been soaked, place it over the inner lid of the Instant Pot, making sure that the lip of the ring is snugly against the lid.

Step #5: Reassemble the Instant Pot

Once the new sealing ring has been placed, reassemble the Instant Pot lid with the gasket, float valve, anti-block shield and sealing ring in place. Your Instant Pot is now ready to be used with the new sealing ring installed.

Replacing a sealing ring on an Instant Pot does not need to be difficult. By following these steps, your Instant Pot will be equipped with a fresh sealing ring in no time and you can get back to cooking.