how to keep baked potatoes warm in crock pot

how to keep baked potatoes warm in crock pot

How to Keep Baked Potatoes Warm in a Crock pot

Creating a warm, fluffy baked potato is easy when done in the oven, but if you need to keep them warm until you serve them, a crock pot is your answer. Here is how to keep beautifully baked potatoes warm until you’re ready to serve:


  • Wash Potato: Before putting the potatoes in the crock pot make sure to wash the potato; this helps remove bacteria and dirt from the skin before you heat them up.
  • Prick Potatoes: Use a fork to prick the potato a few times on each side, this allows the steam to escape, and the potato to properly cook.
  • Rub Potatoes with Oil: Rub the potato with a bit of oil on each side, this helps the potatoes crisp up and gives the skin a nice textured brown color.
  • Wrap Potatoes in Aluminum Foil: Wrap each potato in aluminum foil and place in center of crock pot.
  • Set Printer Temperature: Set the crock pot to low and heat the potatoes for two to three hours.


  • If you want to keep the potatoes warm longer than 3 hours, turn the temperature to warm which should keep the potatoes warm for up to 7 hours.
  • Cover the crock pot with a lid to retain heat and ensure the potatoes stay hot.
  • If the potatoes become dry, add a few tablespoons of water or stock to the bottom of the crock pot.

By following these steps, you can have deliciously hot potatoes ready to serve whenever you’re ready. Make sure to monitor the potatoes throughout the process to prevent them from overcooking or drying out. Enjoy!