how to keep birds from digging in flower pots

how to keep birds from digging in flower pots

6 Tips to Prevent Birds from Digging in Flower Pots

The sight of birds digging into the soil of our flower pots can be a heartbreaking experience. However, there are ways to prevent birds from doing so. Here are 6 tips to help keep your flower pots free of pesky birds!

1. Cover Flower Pots with Mesh or Netting

Using weather-proof mesh or netting to cover flower pots is a simple and effective way to prevent birds from getting inside them. This technique works particularly well because it can still allow sunlight and air to reach the plant to help it grow.

2. Apply Bird Deterrent Spikes

If birds are a regular sight in your garden, deterrent spikes can help make flower pots an unfriendly environment for them. They are also relatively cheap and easy to install.

3. Place Plastic Owls in the Garden

Plastic owls are great for scaring birds from your flowers. These life-sized replicas can often surprise and frighten birds away, as they are not expecting to find any predators around.

4. Place Chicken Wire Around Flower Pots

Placing chicken wire around flower pots is another great way to deter birds from digging around your flowers. This method also allows for adequate sunlight and air flow.

5. Create a Scent with Hot Sauce or Egg Yolks

Birds have an acute sense of smell, which you can use to your advantage by creating a scent they do not like. To do this, you can either put a bit of hot sauce or a few egg yolks on the ground around your flower pots.

6. Install a Bird Feeder in the Garden

A bird feeder can be the perfect distraction for birds, drawing them away from your flower pots and into the feeder. Make sure to keep the feeder far enough away from your flowers so that birds do not get too close!

By following these simple steps, you can keep birds away from your flower pots and ensure your flowers can flourish!