how to keep potted plants warm in winter

how to keep potted plants warm in winter

Keep Potted Plants Warm in Winter

Winter temperatures can be unkind to plants, especially those growing in pots and outdoor containers. Here are a few tips on how to keep potted plants warm in winter.

Storing Potted Plants Indoors

The best way to keep potted plants warm in winter is to move them indoors. Here are some tips for doing this successfully:

  • Choose the Right Spot: Make sure to pick a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight, such as a south-facing window.
  • Acclimate Gradually: Place potted plants in a sheltered location with indirect sunlight for a few days to adjust to the lower light levels inside.
  • Water Sparingly: Water plants less frequently during the winter, as they will not need as much water.

Using Covers and Wraps

In addition to storing potted plants indoors, covers and wraps can help insulate plants to keep them warm. Here are some tips for successfully using covers and wraps:

  • Select the Right Materials: Blankets, burlap, straw, fleece, and other materials are great for insulating plants.
  • Tuck In the Edges: Make sure the edges of the covers and wraps are tucked tightly against the pot and the ground to keep out cold air.
  • Monitor for Moisture: Inspect the covers and wraps regularly to make sure they aren’t trapping too much moisture, which could lead to rot and mildew.


Keeping potted plants warm in winter doesn’t have to be difficult with the right methods. Storing potted plants indoors and using covers and wraps to insulate can be essential to keeping plants at a comfortable temperature. Keeping an eye on the temperature and spaces for insects to hide can also help keep potted plants healthy during the winter months.