how to keep squirrels out of potted plants

how to keep squirrels out of potted plants

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Potted Plants

Deer and rabbits aren’t the only critters that can wreak havoc on your potted plants. Squirrels love to eat the tender tendrils of new plants, make homes in them, and generally cause chaos. Here are some tips to help keep them away from your plants and planters.

Physical Barriers

Create a physical barrier between the planter and the squirrel. Place a large, flat rock on top of each planter, which will not only make it harder for the squirrel to get inside, but the weight of the rock will also keep the squirrel away from rolling the pot.

Ornamental Decorations

Adding ornaments like statues or scarecrows to the area can also help deter squirrels. Anything that makes noise or gives off movement will likely keep the squirrels away.

Plant Repellents

There are some natural plant repellents you can use to maintain the squirrels away from your pots. Some of these include:

  • Mothballs – These are probably the most effective and inexpensive option. Place a few mothballs in each pot and the pungent smell will often drive squirrels away. However, keep an eye on the mothballs, as the smell can be overpowering for humans too.
  • Cinnamon – Sprinkle some cinnamon around your potted plants to deter squirrels. It’s an aromatic herb, so it won’t harm the plants, but it has a pleasant smell for us and a nasty one for squirrels.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Sprinkle some cayenne pepper around your pots. Animals like squirrels don’t like spicy stuff, so cayenne pepper should work effectively in keeping them away.

By following the tips above, you can effectively keep squirrels away from your potted plants. With some effort and patience, your precious plants should be safe and sound.