how to make a flower pot heater

how to make a flower pot heater

How To Make A Flower Pot Heater

Having a hard time warming up your house during the winter months? Have you thought about making a flower pot heater? Here is a step by step guide to help get you started.

Things You’ll Need:

  • 2 flower pots – 1 pot slightly larger than the other
  • Small handful of sand
  • A small piece of split firewood
  • An old brick
  • Matches


  • Fill the larger pot with sand and place the older brick on top of it.
  • Place the smaller flower pot inside the larger flower pot on top of the brick.
  • Light the firewood in the smaller flower pot and let it burn for a few minutes.
  • Once the firewood has burned out, snuff out the remaining embers using a lid or by suffocating the flame.
  • Place the larger flower pot in your desired location and your flower pot heater is now ready for use.

Your flower pot heater is now ready to use and will help keep your house warm during those cold winter months. Enjoy!