how to make a lighthouse out of flower pots

how to make a lighthouse out of flower pots

How to Make a Lighthouse Out of Flower Pots

Making your own lighthouse is a creative and fun way to add character to your outdoor space. You can make a lighthouse out of flower pots with some simple materials like wood, paint, and fasteners. Read on to learn how to get started.

Step 1: Preparing Materials

  • Gather your materials: 3 flower pots in any size, scrap wood, screws or nails, caulk or epoxy, and exterior paint or outdoor sealant
  • Choose a solid, level surface to work on
  • If necessary, sand down your wood and seal/paint it for outdoor use

Step 2: Assembling the Pots

  • Stack and line up your 3 flower pots
  • Using the scrap wood as supports, screw or nail your pots together to create an even and secure tower
  • To add extra stability to your tower, apply a layer of caulk or epoxy to the bottom of each pot

Step 3: Finishing touches

  • Paint or stain your lighthouse in whatever color you like
  • Decorate your lighthouse with embellishments such as a window, a door, or a light
  • Optional: Place a painted rocks or painted shells at the base of your lighthouse for added charm

Step 4: Use your lighthouse!

Once your lighthouse is set up, use it to give your outdoor space a nautical touch. This DIY lighthouse is perfect for brightening any garden or outdoor area. Enjoy!