how to make a loom pot holder

how to make a loom pot holder

How to Make a Loom Pot Holder

Loom pot holders are great items to have in the kitchen! Not only are they useful and functional, but they also make for interesting and unique diy projects. If you’re looking to make your own loom pot holder, read on to learn the steps.

Step 1: Gather All the Materials

You’ll need the following to make your loom pot holder:

  • Loom kit: This will include the loom and necessary hooks and needles.
  • Yarn: You’ll need two colors of yarn – one for the body of the pot holder, and one for the border.
  • Scissors: Used to snip off the yarn at the end.

Step 2: Setup the Loom

Start by arranging the pegs on the loom according to the instructions included in the kit. Be sure that all of the pegs are in their proper positions before you continue.

Step 3: Choose the Yarn Colors

Next, select the two colors of yarn that you’ll be using for the loom pot holder. The color of the border yarn will usually match the color of the body yarn, but it can be different if desired.

Step 4: Start Weaving!

Now the fun begins! Start by looping the yarn over the first peg in the top row. Then, wrap it around each peg in the top row before looping it over the last peg. Then, turn the loom and repeat this process for the bottom row. Once the entire loom is complete, you’ll have the basic shape of the pot holder.

Step 5: Add the Border

Once the basic shape of the pot holder is complete, it’s time to add the border. Begin this by looping the border yarn around each of the pegs in the top row. Once complete, turn the loom and repeat the process for the bottom row.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Finish the pot holder by snipping off any excess yarn and tying off the border yarn with a tight knot. Then, carefully remove the pot holder from the loom and enjoy your handiwork!

Making a loom pot holder is a great way to express yourself through crafting and give your kitchen a unique touch. With just a few simple steps, you can make a beautiful pot holder that you’ll be proud to show off and use.