how to make drainage holes in plastic pots

how to make drainage holes in plastic pots

How to Make Drainage Holes in Plastic Pots

Adding drainage holes to your plastic pots is an important step for healthy plant growth, and it’s an easy and quick job for any gardener. Here’s how to do it:

Things You Will Need

  • A plastic pot
  • A drill
  • Drill Bit


  • Ensure the plastic pot is empty and turn it upside down.
  • Select the drill bit size that you will need. Generally, the size of the drill bit should equal the size of your pot drainage holes.
  • Drill a hole into the pot keeping the drill bit level and steady in order to avoid cracks discoloring.
  • Drill one hole in the middle of the pot and several evenly spaced holes around it.
  • Create several more holes (if necessary) around the pot to help the excess water drain away when the soil is saturated.
  • Cover the drainage holes with screening to prevent soil from washing out.
  • Place the pot in its desired location.


  • Create drainage holes with a rod or screwdriver if you do not have access to a drill.
  • Use a few drops of vegetable oil to help the plastic stay chip-free.
  • Add rocks or gravel before the soil to help with drainage.