how to measure a pot size

how to measure a pot size

Measuring a Pot Size

Measuring a pot size correctly is a key step when planting a garden. The size will determine how much soil you need, as well as the number of plants or seeds you may have. Knowing how to correctly measure a pot size will help to ensure that your garden can thrive and look its best.

Things you’ll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen & paper
  • Calculator (optional)

Steps for Measuring

  1. Check the labels. All pots have indicated labels with the sizes. Make sure you look closely to find the size in centimeters or inches.
  2. Find the diameter. Place a measuring tape inside the pot and measure diameter-wise. Measure across from one side of the pot to the other.
  3. Calculate the diameter. If the diameter isn’t indicated on the label, use the measuring tape to calculate the diameter. Take the measurement from the circumference and divide it by 3.14.
  4. Record the measurements. Record the measurements either on a piece on paper or in a note app. Record the diameter as well as other measurements like the height or width.

Tips for Measuring

  • Make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible.
  • Take multiple measurements if possible.
  • It’s helpful to have someone help if the pot is difficult to reach.

Measuring the pot size correctly will help ensure that your plants have enough room to spread their roots and can thrive. Knowing the pot size is especially beneficial when shopping for a pot or plants, as you’ll know exactly what to look for. Following the correct steps for measuring, as well as using the tips will help you check the pot size with accuracy.