how to overwinter daylilies in pots

how to overwinter daylilies in pots

How to Overwinter Daylilies in Pots

Daylilies are a beautiful addition to any landscape, but as cold weather starts rolling in, it’s important to ensure these plants get enough protection. To help your daylilies survive the cold winter weather, here’s what you can do when overwintering in pots:

Step 1: Move to a Cooler Area

Daylilies like cool soil and temperatures, so before the temperatures drop, move the pot to a sheltered area with maximum coverage and some shade. A corner of your porch, garage, or a shed are all great places to store the pot for the winter.

Step 2: Choose a Pot with Good Drainage

Whether you’re using a pot you already had, or purchasing a new one, it’s important to choose one with good drainage. This will allow the excess water to seep out, reducing the risk of root rot.

Step 3: Protect from Cold Shifts

As winter approaches, be sure to keep plants away from wind. Air can cause drastic temperature drops, which can damage the daylilies. To further protect your plants, use some straw and wood chips around the base of the pot to help insulate the soil.

Step 4: Keep Soil Moist

In the colder months, daylilies need constant moisture to stay alive. Make sure to check your pot often to monitor the soil moisture. If it appears dry, use a hand nozzle to add water until moist.

Step 5: Monitor Nutrition

Daylilies need nutrients to survive, just like any other plant. Fertilizing regularly will provide these TLC nutrients to your daylilies.

Now that you know the basics of overwintering daylilies in pots, you can add beauty to your landscape for many winters to come.

Tips To Remember:

  • Move potted daylilies to a cooler area
  • Choose a pot with good drainage
  • Protect plants from cold air
  • Keep soil moist to survive
  • Monitor nutrient intake