how to plant squash in a pot

how to plant squash in a pot

How To Plant Squash in a Pot

Growing your own Squash in a pot is a great way to enjoy delicious squash in the comfort of your home. Squash is a nutritious, low-maintenance vegetable that will provide you with delicious fruit for months. Read on to learn more about how to plant squash in a pot!

What You Will Need

  • Squash seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Pot with drainage holes in the bottom
  • Garden shovel


  • Choose a pot : Select a pot that is at least 12 inches in diameter and has at least 5-6 drainage holes so the water can drain properly.
  • Fill with soil: Fill the pot with potting soil to about a third of the way up the pot.
  • Plant the seed : Carefully plant the seeds about 2 inches deep into the soil. Plant multiple seeds if needed.
  • Water thoroughly:
    • Make sure you water the soil until it is saturated.
    • Water the soil around the pot a few times a week to ensure the soil is moist.

  • Position the pot: Place the pot in an area that gets plenty of sun, at least 6 hours per day.
  • Harvesting: Harvest the squash when it is ripe, which is usually about 3-4 months after planting the seed.


Growing squash in a pot is a great way to enjoy the nutritious vegetable without taking up a lot of space in your garden. By following the steps outlined above you can enjoy a fantastic harvest of fresh, ripe squash in no time!