how to pot a fern

how to pot a fern

How to Pot a Fern

A fern is a classic plant choice for many households as it is easy to care for and is full of life. As soon as you take it home, it’s time to pot your fern, making sure it will thrive in its new home. This guide goes through the steps to follow and the materials you’ll need in order to pot your fern correctly and safely.


  • Fern
  • Pot – one size larger than the one the fern currently lives in
  • Potting mix
  • Water retaining granules

Steps to Potting a Fern

  1. Rinse the fern – Take the fern out of its container, rinse it off to remove any dust or dirt that might be clinging to its leaves.
  2. Trim the fern – If the fern has overgrown its container, it’s time to trim it back. This will promote better growth in its new pot.
  3. Prepare the pot – Add some water retaining granules to the pot to help keep the humidity high and give your fern a good environment to grow in.
  4. Fill the pot – Fill the pot about 3/4 of the way up with your potting mix.
  5. Add the fern – Put your fern in the pot and gently add potting mix around the roots of the plant.
  6. Firm the mix – Use your fingers to firm the mix down around the roots so the fern is secure in its new home.
  7. Water the plant – Water the fern so that the soil gets moist but don’t overwater.

And that’s it! Following the steps above will ensure a healthy and happy fern to live in a new container.