how to pot anthurium plant

how to pot anthurium plant

How to Pot an Anthurium Plant

Thriving anthurium plants will bloom colorful flowers year-round with very little maintenance. With the right tips and techniques, repotting an anthurium can be a straightforward and rewarding experience.

Steps for Repotting Your Anthurium

  • Examine Your Plant. Look at the current pot and its soil. Check the roots of your plant for signs of rot or disease, which will explain why your anthurium needs to be repotted. (Note: Anthuriums like having their roots slightly constricted, so use the same size pot for repotting).
  • Prepare Your Materials. Gather fresh potting soil, drainage material and a new pot for your anthurium. Ensure all materials are cleaned and sterilized, as this will prevent diseases or fungi from being transferred into your new pot.
  • Create Your New Pot. Create the new pot for your anthurium by preparing the drainage last and soil first. Place 2” – 3” of drainage material in the bottom of the pot. Then, pour in the potting soil up to the top of the pot.
  • Transfer Your Plant. Carefully transfer your anthurium from the old to the new pot, making sure to spread the roots evenly and fill in any gaps left in the soil with additional potting soil. Firm the soil lightly with your hands.
  • Water Your Plant. Give your new anthurium a gentle watering. Gradually fill the pot with water until it drips out from the bottom and wait until water stops coming out before you remove the excess water.

Tips for Repotting an Anthurium

  • Ensure that the potting soil has a slightly acidic pH.
  • Maintain temperatures between 60°F – 85°F to ensure anthuriums are in optimal conditions.
  • Create a light-filled, humid area for your anthurium
  • Water your anthurium regularly, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.
  • Talk to a local plant professional for input prior to repotting.

Repotting an anthurium can be a simple and rewarding process with the proper instructions. With minimal effort, your anthurium will have a beautiful and lasting home for years to come.