how to protect potted plants from squirrels

how to protect potted plants from squirrels

How to Protect Potted Plants From Squirrels

Potted plants can be a lovely addition to any outdoor space, but squirrels can wreak havoc on them quickly. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to protect your potted plants from squirrels.

1. Cover Your Plants

The simplest and most efficient way to protect your plants from squirrels is to cover them with fabric, mesh, or some other kind of covering that is lightweight and breathable. This should help discourage the squirrel from accessing the pot.

2. Deterrents

You can also use products designed to repel squirrels. Examples of these include:

  • Box traps – designed to trap the squirrel and keep it away from your plants.
  • Natural repellents – such as garlic, cayenne pepper, and nematodes that target the squirrels.
  • Ultrasonic devices – that produce a high-pitched sound the squirrels cannot tolerate.

3. Discourage Access

You can also take steps to discourage the squirrels from accessing the plants in the first place. For example:

  • Make sure your pots and soil beds are elevated so the squirrels cannot reach them.
  • Install a squirrel-proof fence around the area.
  • Cage or cover your pots with mesh.

By taking the necessary steps to protect your potted plants from squirrels, you can ensure that your beloved plants stay healthy and safe.