how to prune basil plants in pots

how to prune basil plants in pots

How to Prune Basil Plants in Pots

Pruning basil plants in pots is a great way to promote bushy, healthy growth and maximize your yields of this delicious herb. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your potted basil plants:

1. Prune Regularly

Make sure to prune your plants regularly. This should be done every three to four weeks during active growing. Pruning helps to promote new shoots and prolongs the harvest.

2. Clip Leaves Correctly

Before you prune, make sure you clip the leaves in the right way. You should look for any wilted leaves and any dead stems and remove them with a pair of clean scissors.

3. Don’t Cut Too Far Down

When pruning, make sure to never cut more than one-half of the stem from the top. Doing so can be damaging to your plant and slow down its growth.

4. Do Not Over Prune

Keep in mind that basil plants do not require lots of pruning. Avoid excessive pruning that removes more than one-third of the plant’s foliage at any one time. This could hurt the health of the plant.

5. Remove Flowers

Once your basil plant blooms, it will become bitter. To keep it the sweet and fragrant stamp that you love, make sure to pinch off the buds and flowers.

6. Discard Prunings Properly

Once you have pruned your basil plant, make sure to discard the pruned pieces in an appropriate manner. Doing this will prevent any disease or pests from re-infecting your plant.

7. Review

When finished pruning, take a moment to review the work that you have done. Make sure you have removed any dead or wilted leaves and have not cut too far down into the stem.

Final Thoughts

Pruning your basil plants in pots is an easy way to keep them healthy and maximize their yields. By following these tips, you will be sure to get the most out of your potted basil plants.