how to prune geraniums in pots

how to prune geraniums in pots

How to Prune Geraniums in Pots

Geraniums are beloved for their bright blooms and durable nature. Pruning them regularly can help keep the plants healthy and flowering all year long. Here’s how to prune your geraniums in pots:

Step 1: Deadhead Blooms

The most important pruning technique for geraniums is deadheading. This process involves pulling off wilted or dead blooms from the stem. Removing them allows the energy from the plant to be redirected to flower production.

Step 2: Remove Foliage

After deadheading, consider removing any old or overgrown foliage from the geranium. This will give you a better view of the plant and make it easier to spot any potential diseases or pests. Use a pair of pruning shears when removing the foliage.

Step 3: Trim Stems and Leaves

When pruning geraniums in pots, focus on the stems and leaves. Shorten the stems back to a half their original size to encourage new growth. You can also trim the leaves shorter to give the geranium a neater appearance.

Step 4: Clean Up the Plant

Once you’re done pruning, collect any dead foliage or flowers from the plant and the surrounding area. This will help prevent disease or pests from spreading to the geranium.

Following these steps can help ensure your geraniums remain in beautiful, healthy shape throughout the year!