how to self watering pots work

how to self watering pots work

How do Self Watering Pots Work

Self Watering Pots are the ideal way to keep your plants and flowers properly watered and healthy. They allow you to water your plants without having to worry about over-watering or under-watering them. But how exactly do Self Watering Pots work?

How Self Watering Pots Work

Self Watering Pots use a simple concept called capillary action. The soil inside the pot has a wicking material running through it. This material is in contact with water in the bottom of the pot which slowly saturates the soil. The water then moves up through the material and continually hydrates the soil, providing the plants with the correct amount of moisture.

The Benefits of Self Watering Pots

Self Watering Pots offer a number of benefits:

  • Consistent Watering: The capillary action of the wicking material ensures a consistent amount of water for your plants.
  • More Control Of Watering: You can control how much water is available to your plants by adjusting the water levels in the reservoir
  • Longer Time Between Watering: The soil in Self Watering Pots absorbs water more slowly than traditional pots, allowing you to go longer between watering.
  • Reduced Risk Of Over-Watering: Since the water is not simply poured into the pot before it is absorbed, there is a reduced risk of over-watering your plants.

How To Set Up A Self Watering Pot

Setting up a Self Watering Pot is easy and can be done quickly.

  • The first step is to add the soil to the pot. Make sure the soil is evenly distributed and level.
  • Next, add the wicking material. This material should be placed in the center of the pot and should extend to the bottom of the pot.
  • Now add water to the reservoir. The water should be slightly lower than the top of the wicking material.
  • Finally, Plant your plants and enjoy knowing your plants will be getting the correct amount of water.

Self Watering Pots are a great way to ensure your plants are receiving the correct amount of water with minimal effort required. And setting up a Self Watering Pot is quick and easy. With these simple instructions, you can have your Self Watering Pot up and running in no time.