how to split a plant into two pots

how to split a plant into two pots

How To Split a Plant Into Two Pots

Splitting plants is a great way to quickly increase your houseplant collection without spending a fortune. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to split a plant into two pots:

Step 1: Choose The Right Plant

The best plants to split are ones that have multiple shoots, such as:

  • Spider plants
  • Pilea peperomioides
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Ficus Elastica (rubber plant)
  • Ficus Pumila (creeping fig)
  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ plant)

Step 2: Remove the Plant From The Pot

Carefully remove the plant from its pot by putting one hand on the base of the stem and the other around the outside of the pot. Gently lift upward and turn the pot until the root ball comes out.

Step 3: Separate the Roots and Stems

Using your hands, carefully separate the roots and stems of the plant. If the plant has a dense root system, a pair of scissors may be helpful.

Step 4: Pot The New Plant

Select a new pot that is slightly larger than the previous one. Add fresh potting soil and place the new plant in the pot. Gently press down the soil and water until the soil is damp.

Step 5: Caring for YourSplit Plant

Water both plants regularly and ensure they receive enough light. If possible, move each pot to a location with optimal light requirements.

Tip: Remember to check for pests or common diseases such as root rot before dividing the plants.

By following these simple steps, you can easily split a plant into two pots and increase your houseplant collection. Good luck!