how to stop plant pots falling over in wind

how to stop plant pots falling over in wind

How to Prevent Plant Pots from Falling Over in the Wind

Wind can wreak havoc on plant pots, toppling them over or even blowing them away completely! Fortunately, there are a few simple tactics you can implement to keep your precious pot plants firmly put against the wind.

1. Choose the Right Pot

Selecting the right pot for windy conditions is the first and most important step in preventing your plants from toppling over. Choose one that is both heavy and wide. Terracotta pots tend to be the best choice since they are naturally heavy and often come with plenty of surface area.

2. Use a Sturdy Tray

Once you’ve chosen a suitable pot, be sure to place it in a sturdy tray or planter. This will provide extra stability and will also help protect the pot if the wind is strong enough to make it move.

3. Secure with Ties or Weights

If your pot is tall or especially windy conditions, you can also use ties or weights to secure it. Ties can be used to attach the pot to the tray or planter, and weights, such as stones or sand, can be placed around the pot or tray to provide extra stability.

4. Place it in an Open Area

Whenever possible, try to put your pot in an open area where the wind can easily pass by without blowing the pot or tray over. Avoid placing it near walls, fences, or trees, as these can create pockets of turbulent air that can easily knock the pot off-balance.

5. Add a Windbreak

When placing the pot outside in the wind, you may also want to consider adding a windbreak. A windbreak is a wall, fence, or other structure that can block the wind and protect your pot from toppling over. These can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, or even plants.


By following these simple tips, you can prevent your plant pots and trays from falling over in the wind. Choose the right pot, use a sturdy tray, secure it with ties or weights, choose the right location, and consider adding a windbreak. With these precautions in place, your beloved pot plants should remain safe against the elements.