how to stop rice from sticking to the pot

how to stop rice from sticking to the pot

How to Stop Rice From Sticking to the Pot

Cooking rice is a staple for a lot of households. But your excitement can soon be diminished by the dreaded sticking-pot syndrome.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be an inevitable occurrence. Here are some tried and tested methods to guarantee perfect, non-sticky rice every time.

Use the Right Pot

Using the right pot is the first step to prevent sticky rice from happening. Choose a pot with a thick base and tall sides, as they won’t heat up as quickly as other ones and they will also help the steam release slowly.

Rinse your Rice

Rinsing your rice several times in cold water can help to get rid of the surface starch, which otherwise can cause the grains to stick together while they are boiling.

Add some Oil

After rinsing, you can add some oil, butter or another item of your choice, as it helps to reduce the chance of the rice sticking together.

Use the Right Amount of Water

Using the right amount of water is essential to avoid sticky rice. It varies depending on the type of rice being cooked, so it’s important to find the exact ratio for the best results.

Keep the Pot Covered

Once the rice is boiling, keep the lid on the pot as it helps the steam to spread evenly, thus preventing the rice from sticking to the pot.

Stir Constantly

Stirring the rice constantly helps to differentiate the grains from sticking to each other. If you want to avoid doing this, you can try investing in a rice cooker, as it usually does the job without having to do too much work.

Check Your Rice Regularly

Checking on your rice is also important as it helps to prevent any potential sticking. Every 5 minutes or so, open the lid and stir the rice so as to evenly distribute the steam. Remember to close the lid right away afterwards.

Let it Rest in the Pot

Once the cooking time is up, leave the lid on the pot for a few minutes to make sure all the grains are cooked properly and to make it easier to separate them.


By following these steps, you can ensure that your rice turns out perfectly, without any fear of it sticking to the pot. So just remember to:

  • Use the right pot
  • Rinse your rice
  • Add some oil
  • Use the right amount of water
  • Keep the pot covered
  • Stir constantly
  • Check your rice regularly
  • Let it rest in the pot

And enjoy delicious, non-stick rice every time!