how to trim potted plants

how to trim potted plants

How to Trim Potted Plants

Keeping your potted plants groomed can help them remain healthy and vibrant for many years. It also helps to keep them from overgrowing their pots and inhibits the spread of potential bugs or disease. Here are the steps to successfully trim your potted plants.


  • Garden or hand pruners
  • Protective gloves
  • Bucket or bowl
  • Garbage bag


  1. Choose the Right Time: The best time for pruning is in the days after the plant has finished blooming.
  2. Start Pruning: Begin pruning to reduce the size of the leaves, stems or flowers. Cut the stem at a slight angle just above a node or the location where two leaves branch out.
  3. Remove Wilted and Unhealthy Leaves: Discard any wilted leaves, brown stems and other discolored parts of the plant.
  4. Remove Dead Flowers: Cut away dead blooms all the way down to the base of the plant. This will encourage the plant to use the energy it produces for a new bloom instead.
  5. Clean Up: Once you’re done pruning, discard the clippings into the garbage bag and dispose of them with your regular trash. Then use the bucket or bowl to wash your pruners and gloves.

Following these simple steps will help keep your potted plants looking healthy and beautiful for many years to come!