how to use a honey pot menstrual cup

how to use a honey pot menstrual cup

Steps for Using a Honey Pot Menstrual Cup

Using a menstrual cup for the first time may seem intimidating. Fear not! It is a simple and convenient process that you will soon get used to. Here are the steps for using a Honey Pot Menstrual cup:

1. Clean and sterilise:

Before using your menstrual cup for the first time, it is important to clean and sterilise it. Here is what you need to do:

  • Boil a pot of water on the stove for five minutes
  • Add the menstrual cup to the boiling water and leave it in for five minutes
  • Once cooled down, remove the menstrual cup from the pot and set aside

2. Fold and position:

Now your cup is clean and ready to be used. Fold the cup by pressing the sides together pushing the rim together. Be sure to form a comfortable seal. You can use the different fold techniques to find one that suits you best. After folding, position the cup inside your vaginal canal, with the stem facing downwards. Be sure to press the base of the cup to create a seal within the walls of the vagina.

3. Wear and empty:

You can wear a menstrual cup safely and comfortably for up to 12 hours. During this time, it will catch and hold the flow. Once it is time to empty the cup, you should wash your hands and take the cup to the bathroom. Place one finger on the base of the cup and use the other to pull the stem until you can grip the base. Gently remove the cup and empty the fluid into the toilet.

4. Clean and reinsert:

After emptying, give the cup a quick rinse with water and reinsert it back into your vagina. Be sure to wash your hands to keep yourself and your cup hygienic.

Making Life Easier with the Honey Pot Menstrual Cup

Using a Honey Pot Menstrual Cup makes it easier to manage your menstrual cycle. It is comfy, safe and leak proof, and you don’t have to worry about switching your tampons or pads during the day. Once you get used to inserting and emptying the cup, you will look forward to having a worry free menstrual cycle.