how to use a pot call

how to use a pot call

How to Use a Pot Call

A pot call is an essential tool if you’re a serious turkey hunter. A pot call is a device used to produce a more realistic turkey sound, which can lure in the turkey. If you’re new to pot calls, here are the basics for how to use one:

Step 1: Assemble the Call

The components of a pot call usually include a striker, a sound board, and a pot. Place the sound board inside the pot and make sure it is set in the desired position. Test it with a dry run first and then secure it if need be. Attach the striker to the sound board and you’re ready to get calling.

Step 2: Select Your Striking Style

There are two common ways to give your strike. You can either strike the entire surface of the soundboard or just the edge. When you strike the edge, you will create a very sharp and high-pitched sound. When you apply more pressure and strike the entire surface, you will create a smoother and lower-pitched sound.

Step 3: Utilize Friction

The friction between the soundboard and the surface of the pot will really help to create a more realistic turkey sound. Try different amounts of pressure when striking the board in order to find the sweet spot.

Step 4: Practice

You will need to practice different techniques and techniques until you are able to produce a realistic turkey sound. Materials like chalk, sandpaper, and cork can be used to adjust the sound board in order to produce different sounds.

Step 5: Exchange Calls

The exchange of calls is an important part of turkey hunting. You can use different types of calls to coax the turkey in. The yelp, cluck, purr, cut, cackle, and even the kee-kee are calls that turkeys are most likely to respond to.

In Summary:

  • Assemble the Call: Place soundboard in the pot and secure the striker to the soundboard
  • Select Striking Style:Edge for a sharp, high pitch and entire surface for a smoother, low pitch
  • Utilize Friction: Vary pressure when striking the board in order to get a realistic turkey sound
  • Practice: Adjust soundboard with materials like chalk,sandpaper, and cork
  • Exchange Calls: Use different calls (e.g.yelp,cluck,purr,etc.) to coax the turkey in

Knowing how to use a pot call is essential if you want to successfully hunt turkeys. With patient practice, you’ll be able to lure in a turkey in no time!