how to use power quick pot

how to use power quick pot

How to Use Power Quick Pot

The Power Quick Pot takes the hassle out of traditional stovetop cooking. Whether you’re making a large family meal or a quick cup of coffee, this multifunctional pressure cooker and warmer can help make your kitchen work easier and faster. Read on to learn how to use your Power Quick Pot.

Using the Power Quick Pot

  • 1. Plug in and Fill the Pot

    • Start by plugging the power cord into an appropriate outlet. You can set the unit either on the counter top or other flat surface.
    • Fill the pot with liquid of your choice, being sure not to fill it beyond the Max Fill line.
    • Add your desired ingredients.

  • 2. Set the Temperature

    • Press the “ENERGY” button and select the desired mode.
    • The temperature of your desired mode will then be displayed.

  • 3. Start the Cooking Process

    • Press the “SET” button to start the cooking process.
    • The time will begin to count down once the pot reaches the desired temperature.
    • Once the countdown is complete the cooking process will be stopped.

  • 4. Release the Pressure

    • When the cooking process is complete, press the “OFF/KEEP-WARM” button to stop the cooking and release the pressure.
    • Once all the pressure has been released, the lid will unlock and you can remove it.

  • 5. Finish and Serve

    • Once the cooking is done, you can finish off any additional steps as needed (e.g. sauteing, stirring, etc.).
    • Once finished, you can serve your delicious meal!

Enjoy the Convenience of the Power Quick Pot

The Power Quick Pot is a great way to streamline your cooking routine. With its easy-to-use controls and efficient cooking process, you’ll be able to prepare healthy and tasty meals in a fraction of the time. So what are you waiting for? Try out the Power Quick Pot today!