do self watering pots work

Do Self Watering Pots Work?

Do self watering pots really work? The answer is yes! In this article, we will discuss why self-watering pots are a great solution for those looking to maintain their potted plants and keep them healthy.

Benefits of Self Watering Pots

Self-watering pots offer several advantages over traditional pots:

  • Consistent watering: Self watering pots are designed to slowly release water as the plant needs it, so watering is consistent and reliable.
  • No over-watering: An over-watered plant is a difficult problem to reverse, but self-watering pots come with a built-in water reservoir that prevents over-watering.
  • Less frequent watering: With a self-watering pot, you don’t have to worry about watering as frequently as you would with a traditional pot.
  • Simplicity: Setting up a self-watering pot is easy and you don’t have to worry about manually measuring and pouring water into the pot every time.

Do Self Watering Pots Need Maintenance?

Self-watering pots do need some maintenance, but this is minimal compared to traditional pots. In order for the reservoir in the pot to remain full, it is important to occasionally top it up with fresh water. In general, the reservoir is designed to last for 4-6 months before it needs to be replenished.


Self-watering pots are a great solution for keeping potted plants healthy and hydrated, while also eliminating the need for frequent manual watering. With minimal maintenance and a steady supply of water, your plants will thrive in self-watering pots.

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