how many basil seeds per pot

Planting Basil Seeds

Basil is a fragrant, leafy herb used in a variety of dishes. The herb is easy to grow, so if you’re looking to plant basil in your garden or in a pot on your deck, it’s best to know the ideal conditions and planting tips.

How Many Basil Seeds Per Pot?

When planting basil in a pot, it’s best to use a container that is at least 6 inches deep and has drainage holes in the bottom. For each 6-inch pot, 2-3 seeds can be planted. Basil plants don’t need much space to grow, so avoid over-crowding by using several smaller pots rather than one large pot.

Be sure to water the seeds regularly and keep the soil moist. Basil seeds will germinate in 6-10 days when the soil temperature is between 18-27°C.

Other Tips for Planting Basil Seeds

  • Be mindful of your planting time: Basil prefers hot summer temperatures.
  • Don’t start your basil seeds indoors: Basil doesn’t usually respond well to being transplanted.
  • If you’re using seedlings, wait to transplant them after the last frost date for your area.
  • Replenish the soil in your pots every 1-2 years to ensure proper nutrient availability.
  • Choose a location with direct sunlight and temperatures between 18-27°C.

Overall, the amount of basil seeds per pot depends on the size of the pot. For 6-inch pots, a maximum of 3 seeds per pot is recommended. Be sure to water and care for your basil plants frequently, and choose an area with direct sunlight to ensure optimum growth.

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