is pot legal in mexico 2023

Is Pot Legal in Mexico in 2023?

Marijuana legalization is an issue that is on the minds of many people around the world. As of recently, the landscape of marijuana legalization has drastically changed in multiple countries and the debate surrounding the issue in Mexico is just starting to heat up. With that being said, is it possible that marijuana could be legal in Mexico by 2023? Let’s find out!

The Current Status

Currently, marijuana is still illegal in Mexico. However, Mexico has seen a lot of progress in regards to cannabis regulation. In 2018, Mexico’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of recreational marijuana usage and started the process of legalizing marijuana. Since then, the Mexican government has taken steps to legalize medicinal marijuana and has even implemented a comprehensive medical marijuana program for qualified users.

What the Future Holds

While recreational marijuana is still not currently legal in Mexico, due to the progress made thus far and the momentum that has been established, many people predict that it could be possible by 2023. One major factor is that more countries around the world have been legalizing marijuana, which is helping to encourage Mexico to move in a progressive direction in regards to marijuana regulation.

Additionally, more public figures have come out in favor of legalizing marijuana. For example, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that he is in favor of recreational marijuana usage. This, along with the increasing support of the public, bodes well for the future of marijuana legalization in Mexico.

What We Can Expect

At this point, the future of marijuana in Mexico is still up in the air. However, due to the progress made thus far and the general attitude of the public, it is very likely that recreational marijuana will be legalized in Mexico in the near future. If all goes according to plan, then it is possible that marijuana could be legal in Mexico by 2023 or even sooner.


All in all, marijuana legalization in Mexico is an issue that is gaining a lot of attention and it could very well be possible that it will be legalized by 2023. We will have to wait and see what unfolds in the coming years, but for now, it looks hopeful that this could be a reality in the near future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marijuana is still currently illegal in Mexico
  • Medicinal marijuana is legal in Mexico and a comprehensive medical program has been established
  • There has been a lot of progress in terms of marijuana regulation in Mexico
  • Public figures have been supportive of recreational marijuana usage
  • It is possible that marijuana will be legal in Mexico by 2023 or even sooner

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