how big of a pot for monstera

How Big of a Pot for Monstera?

Monstera plants, also known as Swiss Cheese Plants, are popular tropical plants for homes and offices. To ensure a healthy and thriving Monstera, it helps to know what size pot you need.

Size Considerations

Monstera plants are considered medium-sized houseplants and usually reach 3-4 feet in interior settings. Size of pot should be relative to the size of the Monstera.

Recommended Pot Size

A pot size 12-16 inches in diameter is suitable for smaller Monstera plants. A pot of 18-20 inches can accommodate a Monstera with several stems and root growth.

Things to Note

When potting a larger Monstera, be sure to use light or medium-weight potting mix. Heavier mixes, such as those used for succulents, can be too dense for Monstera’s sensitive root system.

It’s important to choose a pot with a drainage hole. Without proper drainage, Monstera roots can become desaturated.


Monstera’s should generally be up-potted, meaning they should transition into a slightly larger pot every few years as their root system expands. Look for signs of root growth coming out of the drainage hole and potting mix that has broken down.

When up-potting, start with a pot that is roughly 2 inches larger than the last. Avoid up-potting too frequently, as this can cause root trauma from too much shock.


Monstera plants are easy to care for and rewarding houseplants. Choosing the right pot size is key to ensuring your Monstera stays happy and healthy.

  • Recommend pot size for smaller plants: 12-16 inches
  • Recommend pot size for larger plants: 18-20 inches
  • Use a pot with a drainage hole
  • Up-pot 2 inches larger than last pot

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