how to draw a witches pot

How to Draw a Witches Pot

Drawing a witches pot needn’t be difficult. Follow these simple steps to create your own spooky witches pot:

Step 1: The Bail

Begin by drawing two arcs, one that forms the neck of the pot, and the other that forms the base. Now draw a rectangle that has the same width as the neck of the pot.

Step 2: The Lid

Draw a small circle on the rectangle. Next, draw a bigger circle on the rectangle. Now connect the two circles with three small lines.

Step 3: The Pot

Connect the base of the bail with a curve that forms the pot. Now draw a big letter ‘U’ shape, at the base of the pot, to give it a handle.

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Draw two curved lines at the bottom of the pot. Draw two circles at the end of the handle. Add some decorative details and your witches pot is ready!


  • Choose bold colors: Choose bright colors like purple, green, or orange for your witches pot to make it stand out.
  • Choose a unique shape: Give your witches pot a unique shape to make it stand out.
  • Add some spooky details: To make your witches pot look more spooky, add some details like eyes, bubbling liquid, or stars.

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