can i plant peonies in pots

Can I Plant Peonies in Pots?

Peonies are classic garden flowers, frequently spotted in floral borders and perennial gardens. But, can these popular blooms grow in a pot?

The good news is yes, peonies can be grown in containers with a little extra care. Here’s what you need to know before planting peonies in pots:

Container Selection

Choose a pot that is at least 18″ to 24″ in size and with good drainage. Consider a lightweight plastic pot or a terra cotta pot that holds at least 10 gallons of soil. Place a pot saucer underneath the pot to help retain moisture and keep it from staining walks or decks.

Soil Choices

Fill the pot with a quality, well-draining potting soil. Look for soils made specifically for roses, trees, and shrubs. Peonies prefer a soil pH around 7.0, which is slightly acidic.


  • Gently remove the peony from its pot and check the roots for any damage.
  • Place the plant in the pot and add additional soil around its roots.
  • Place the plant in a sunny spot.
  • Water thorougly, and continue to water as needed throughout the summer.


If your peony is planted in a pot, it will need to be moved into a sheltered area during the winter. Choose a location that is protected from the wind and cold temperatures. Additionally, provide a layer of mulch around the pot to help retain moisture.


With the right care, peonies can thrive in containers. Follow the simple steps outlined above for the best chance of success. Enjoy the beautiful, fragrant blooms of these classic flowers in your own garden or patio space!

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