is instant pot dishwasher safe

is instant pot dishwasher safe

Is Instant Pot Dishwasher Safe?

The Instant Pot is a popular kitchen item, used for cooking a variety of dishes in a quick and easy way. But it’s important to know how to clean it properly and safely. So, is the Instant Pot dishwasher safe?

Can You Put Instant Pot in the Dishwasher?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is not advisable to put your Instant Pot in the dishwasher. Digital components such as the control panel, the lid, the condensation collector, and the inner pot should not be put in the dishwasher. These components are delicate and exposure to the high temperatures and strong detergents in the dishwasher can damage them.

How To Clean an Instant Pot

To keep the Instant Pot clean and sanitary, hand washing is recommended. Here are some tips on how to properly clean an Instant Pot:

  • Wash the lid: Use warm soapy water and a cloth to wipe down the lid. Rinse with a clean cloth and warm water.
  • Clean the inner pot: After cooking with your Instant Pot, let it cool down. Empty the inner pot, then hand wash it with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge. If there are any stubborn spots, use a gentle cleaner with a non-abrasive sponge. Rinse well and be sure to wipe away any soap suds.
  • Clean the condensation collector: Use a damp cloth to wipe down the condensation collector. Be sure to remove any built-up residue or buildup.
  • Clean the control panel: To clean the control panel, use a damp cloth with some mild soap. Avoid getting any liquids inside the control panel.


In conclusion, the Instant Pot is not dishwasher safe. To keep it clean and sanitary, it’s best to hand wash it using mild soap and warm water. Be sure to avoid submerging the digital components in water. Following these instructions is important for the long-term life and function of your Instant Pot.