is it ok to smoke pot with a concussion

is it ok to smoke pot with a concussion

Is it Ok To Smoke Pot With A Concussion?

Smoking pot with a concussion is definitely not recommended. While it may sound appealing to those who enjoy the recreational activities of marijuana use, it is a potentially dangerous decision. Smoking pot can increase the risk of further damage to a person who has already suffered a concussion.

Reasons why smoking pot with a concussion is a bad idea:

  • Increased Risk of Brain Injury: Under the influence of marijuana, people can be slower to react and think, which can lead to mishaps or accidents that could lead to a further head injury. This can be especially dangerous if a person is already suffering from the effects of a concussion.
  • Impair Decision Making: When under the influence, people often take risks they wouldn’t normally take. This poor decision making can lead to situations where one could be more likely to cause themselves an injury.
  • Interference with Concussion Treatment: Smoking pot can interfere with the proper treatment of a concussion. Cannabis use can cause problems with cognitive and behavioral skills that are important to the healing process.
  • Impair Balance and Coordination: Marijuana use can cause dizziness and drowsiness that can further impair a person’s balance and coordination. This can lead to an increased risk of sustaining a more serious injury if a person is participating in any activity following a concussion.

In conclusion, it is not recommended to smoke pot with a concussion. Smoking marijuana can pose many risks that are not worth taking under these circumstances. If you are suffering from a concussion, it is best to speak with your doctor for advice on how to best proceed with your treatment.