is low or warm hotter on a crock pot

is low or warm hotter on a crock pot

Is Low or Warm Hotter on a Crock Pot?

Crock-pots are a lifesaver for busy days. Not only can you prepare a delicious meal in a few hours, but you can also control the temperature. The question is, do you set the crock-pot on low, or warm?

Low Setting

The low setting on a crock-pot is ideal for foods that require a longer cooking time. The slow-cooking process allows more time for the flavors to absorb, resulting in a savory and flavorful dish. Furthermore, this setting prevents food from burning and prevents unnecessary moisture loss.

Warm Setting

The warm setting is perfect for keeping meals at a safe temperature until they are served. Food cooked on the low setting can be heated up on the warm setting without burning. It is important to note that on some models, the warm setting is not as hot as the low setting.


When it comes to which temperature is hotter, the answer is a tie. Depending on the brand and model of the crock-pot, the warm and low settings may have the same temperature. The only way to know for sure is to check the manufacturer’s manual.

For best practice, it is important to understand the requirements of each recipe. If the recipe requires a longer cooking time, then the low setting is best. Otherwise, the warm setting should work. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose the appropriate setting – decide between low and warm depending on the recipe.
  • Check the manufacturer’s manual – to determine which setting is hotter on your crock-pot.
  • Watch the food closely – keep an eye on the food to ensure it doesn’t burn or overcook.