is pot legal in aruba

is pot legal in aruba

Is Pot Legal in Aruba?

The answer to this question depends largely on whether you are asking about medicinal marijuana or recreational marijuana.

Medicinal Marijuana

In 2019, the Aruban government passed legislation allowing medicinal marijuana. This signifies the following:

  • Patients can obtain a prescription for cannabis
  • Farmers can be legally authorised to grow marijuana
  • Pharmacies are allowed to sell medicinal marijuana

All the aforementioned actions must be completed in accordance with the proper protocol and framework as outlined by the Aruban government.

Recreational Marijuana

Unfortunately, recreational marijuana is still illegal in Aruba. It is a punishable crime to possess, cultivate, traffic and use marijuana in the country, even with personal and non-commercial intent. Those found guilty of doing so may face very strict legal repercussions.

In conclusion, Aruba currently holds a very strict stance on the use of marijuana.

Medicinal marijuana is legal, but recreational marijuana is still considered an illegal substance.