is pot legal in mexico 2023

is pot legal in mexico 2023

Is Pot Legal in Mexico in 2023?

In recent years, the marijuana industry has been rapidly changing around the world, and Mexico is no exception. After the country’s Supreme Court declared the prohibition of marijuana unconstitutional in 2018, the path to legalization has been paved in Mexico. But just how close are Mexicans to full cannabis legalization?

Preliminary Laws in Mexico

The first wave of regulation came in late 2019, with the passage of a bill from the Mexican Senate that allows the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use. The bill also established that cannabis possession was limited to 5-grams per person, and growing up to 6 plants was allowed.

Fully Legalization or Decriminalization?

The goal of the Senate was to have full marijuana legalization for Mexico by 2020. However, that did not happen. Now, officials are discussing either fully legalizing marijuana, or decriminalizing it—which would mean that people will no longer face jail time for cannabis possession, but marijuana will still remain illegal.

Will 2023 Be the Year of Marijuana Legalization in Mexico?

Whether 2023 is the year that marijuana gets fully legalized in Mexico remains to be seen. The country’s government is currently focused on the pandemic and the economic crisis, so cannabis regulation is not a top priority.

However, the current Senate has shown a commitment to cannabis reform, and with public opinion in favor of marijuana legalization, it is very possible that Mexico could see much-needed cannabis regulations in the near future.

What This Means for Mexico

  • Closer Access: For many Mexican citizens, cannabis has been mostly inaccessible due to legal restrictions. With legalization, accessing cannabis and its various derivative products would become much easier for everyone.
  • Stronger Economy: The marijuana industry is expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue annually in Mexico. This means more jobs, as well as tax revenue, which will result in significant economic growth.
  • Continued Reform: Legalizing marijuana in Mexico could open up the possibility of further progressive, lifesaving reforms, such as medical cannabis, decriminalization of drugs, and other drug policy reforms.

It is still too early to know with certainty if 2023 is the year that marijuana is finally legalized in Mexico, but all signs point to yes. With the support of the public and the Mexican government, marijuana legalization could lead to a brighter future for the country.