is pot legal in wyoming

is pot legal in wyoming

Is Pot Legal in Wyoming?

The question of whether or not marijuana is legal in Wyoming has been a popular topic for many years. While there is still some confusion surrounding the laws governing pot in Wyoming, the answer is largely no.

What Is the Current Legal Status of Pot in Wyoming?

At the state level, marijuana is not legal in Wyoming. Both recreational and medical use of marijuana is illegal in Wyoming. Those found in possession of marijuana can face legal consequences, including jail time and fines. Possession of small amounts of marijuana may result in misdemeanor charges.

Can You Buy Pot in Wyoming?

No, it is not legal to purchase pot in Wyoming. Even if an individual purchases pot out of state and brings it back into Wyoming, it is still illegal to do so. It is illegal to buy, sell, distribute, transport, or cultivate any form of marijuana in Wyoming.

What About Medicinal Use of Marijuana in Wyoming?

Though medicinal marijuana is not legal in Wyoming, the state does have a limited CBD oil program. This program allows certain individuals to obtain CBD oil for medicinal use, so long as it contains no THC. It is still illegal to possess or use any other forms of marijuana, including cannabis edibles or flower, even with a prescription.

Are There Any Pro-Marijuana Laws in Wyoming?

The state of Wyoming does not currently have any legislation that would allow for the legalization, decriminalization, or medical use of pot. There are currently no bills in the legislature to consider any of these propositions. However, there are some organizations that are advocating for legal weed in the state.

What Are the Future Prospects for Marijuana in Wyoming?

The legal status of pot in Wyoming is unlikely to change in the near future. Given the current political climate in the state, it is highly unlikely that there will be any movement towards legalization, at least in the short-term. The state remains firmly opposed to marijuana reform, and there is no indication that this will change anytime soon.


For now, the answer to the question, “Is pot legal in Wyoming?” remains a resounding no. The state has no laws that would allow for recreational or medical use of marijuana, and any attempts to purchase, sell, or possess pot can result in legal repercussions. For those hoping for marijuana reform in the state, there are some pro-marijuana organizations advocating for change, but it is likely to be a long process.