what are the numbers on a coffee pot

what are the numbers on a coffee pot

What Are the Numbers on a Coffee Pot?

Coffee pots can come with a variety of numbers and letters on them. Knowing what the numbers mean can help you better understand your coffee pot’s features and uses.

Parts Numbers

Manufacturers assign numbers to each part of the coffee maker which helps with ordering replacement parts. You’ll typically find the model, or serial, number of your coffee maker located on the base or bottom of the unit.

Dimensions and Volumes

The coffee pot may also have numbers on it, usually located underneath the handle or near the power cord, that give dimensions and volume information about the pot. These are normally volume measurements and can help you know how much liquid the pot can accommodate.


The numbers on the coffee pot could also refer to instructions. Typically seen with french press coffee makers, the numbers will tell you how many scoops of ground coffee to add to the pot to make the desired strength of your cup.

It is important to note that all coffee makers are different, so contact your manufacturer for a better understanding of the numbers and letters on your machine.

Benefits of Knowing the Numbers

Knowing the numbers on your coffee pot can help you quickly and easily replace parts, order new coffee, or know the capacity of the mug. Here are some benefits of knowing the numbers:

  • Order New Coffee: Knowing the number on your french press coffee maker or other manual coffee maker will help you know how many scoops of pre-ground coffee you need to order for that pot.
  • Replacement Parts: Replacement parts can be ordered from the manufacturer so you can get the exact part needed for your pot. This is where the model number can be quite helpful.
  • Size of Cup: Knowing the volume numbers on the pot can help you choose the right size mug to fit your machine.

Understanding the numbers on your coffee pot is essential for getting the best out of your coffee maker. Read the instructions that came with your unit or contact the manufacturer for more information and understanding of the numbers and letters planed on your machine.