what bread goes with pot roast

what bread goes with pot roast

Whate Bread Goes with Pot Roast?

If you’re looking for a delicious snack or side dish to complement your pot roast, look no further! Bread is always a great pairing for most meals, particularly comfort foods like pot roast. Here are some of the best breads for your pot roast dish:

1. Comforting Loaf of Skillet Cornbread

A great option to accompany your pot roast is a classic skillet of cornbread. The golden, crunchy crust adds a great texture to a pot roast meal, while the inside is soft and tender. Ensure you make extra to get that iconic “flaky” texture that is a signature of cornbread.

2. A Basket of Amish White Rolls

These fluffy, buttery rolls are perfect for dipping into any extra juices from your pot roast, giving off a great buttery flavor. Amish white rolls are also low in sugar and calories, making for a great healthy side dish!

3. French Boule Bread

For a unique option, go for French boule bread. This thick and hearty bread can easily be slathered with butter or your favorite jam – adding an extra layer of flavor. French boule bread is also incredibly soft with a slightly crunchy surface.

4. Sourdough Baguette

Sourdough baguette has a unique flavor due to its slightly chewy base and thin, crisp crust. There are many varieties of baguettes, so make sure to buy the right one depending on your preference. A combination of the intense flavor of the crust and the sourdough will pair perfectly with the rich flavor of the pot roast.

5. Rosemary Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread is one of the greatest accompaniments for a pot roast. Its fluffy texture makes it a great base for dipping into gravy, and its rosemary that adds a great herbal aroma. The fragrant blend of garlic and rosemary is sure to bring out the best in your pot roast.

When it comes to the best bread for pairing with pot roast, the answer is as varied as your imagination. Whether you go for a classic cornbread, buttery Amish roll, or something unique; there is a perfect bread out there for you.