what do you serve with pot roast

what do you serve with pot roast

What to Serve with Pot Roast

Pot roast is one of the most hearty and comforting dishes you can make! A classic pot roast is so simple to make, yet so delicious and irresistable. But when it comes to sides, what do you serve with pot roast to compliment its flavors?


Potatoes are a classic companion to almost any roast! Mashed, scalloped, roasted, or boiled potatoes are great options to pair with your pot roast.


Carrots can add both flavor and color to your plate. Carrots are also a great, healthy side dish for your pot roast. Try roasting or steaming carrots to bring out their natural sweet flavor.


A green salad is another common side dish for pot roast. Salads can be full of delicious vegetables and other ingredients, like avocado, cherry tomatoes, spinach, or nuts.


Breads like dinner rolls, biscuits, or crusty bread are perfect for soaking up the rich gravy that accompanies a pot roast.


Vegetables such as green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, or mushrooms are also excellent sides for a pot roast. Try roasting vegetables with a bit of oil and salt to bring out their flavor.


Fruit like applesauce, cranberry sauce, or a sliced apples can add a sweetness to offset the savory roast.


For a unique side dish, try adding some cheese! Add a sprinkle of cheese to your vegetables, or serve your pot roast with a yummy cheese board.


When it comes to dishes like pot roast, there are many different accompaniments to choose from. So you can add some variety to your plate and make your pot roast extra tasty and comforting with any of these delicious suggestions!