what does pot leaves look like

what does pot leaves look like

What Do Pot Leaves Look Like?

Pot, cannabis or marijuana plants have an instantly recognizable look, mostly due to their distinctive leaves. While the leaves of different strains may vary, there are some key features that all pot leaves share.

7 Key Characteristics of Pot Leaves

  • Shape: Generally, the leaves of marijuana plants are either round or elongated and they can be flat or have a pointed or serrated edge.
  • Color: The leaves of a pot plant are generally light green with darker green or blueish undertones.
  • Texture: Most pot leaves have a soft, fuzzy feel due to their numerous tiny hairs.
  • Aromas: Depending on the strain of marijuana, the leaves may have strong fragrances ranging from earthy, skunk, or sweet.
  • Size: cannabis leaves vary in size depending on the strain they belong to – they can range anywhere from the size of a dime to the size of your hand.
  • Lobed: The leaves usually have 7 to 11 distinct lobes which may be uniform in shape, or have alternating serrated edges.
  • Compound: Pot leaves have a compound arrangement with leaflets sprouting from the central stem.

If you want to identify pot plants, simply look for these distinctive features in their leaves. If you spot one of the above characteristics, you can be fairly certain you have found a marijuana plant.