what is a hokie pot

what is a hokie pot

What is a Hokie Pot?

The Hokie Pot is a unique pottery item from the Appalachian region of Virginia. It is a type of cooking vessel, traditionally used for boiling corn liquor. These vessels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some being deeper than others. The pot can be made from clay, metal, or even wooden materials.


The origin of the Hokie Pot dates back to the 18th century. It is believed to have been created by mountain people living in the Appalachian area of Virginia. They made these pots to boil corn liquor, which was often used as a beverage or for making moonshine. Over the years, the tradition of making and using these pots has been passed down to the generations that follow.

Distinctive Features

What sets the Hokie Pot apart from other cooking vessels is its size and shape. It generally has a shallow, wide opening at the top, and a base that gradually deepens as it goes down. This allows for the corn liquor to simmer without boiling over. In addition, the different pieces of the pot are often decorated with animal or floral motifs. This adds to the unique look and character of the pot.


Today, the Hokie Pot is primarily used as a decorative item. It is often placed in the home as a conversation starter, or it can be used as a kitchen decoration. But there are still some households in Appalachia that use the pot to make traditional corn liquor.

Uses of a Hokie Pot include:

  • Decoration: As a conversation starter or kitchen decoration.
  • Tradition: Making traditional corn liquor in an authentic vessel.
  • Cultural Significance: Representing the Appalachian region of Virginia and its history.

The Hokie Pot is a unique and iconic part of the Appalachian region. It is highly sought after by collectors, as well as those looking to use it for traditional cooking purposes. No matter how it’s used, this pottery item will always be a special part of the culture and history of Appalachia.