what is pot metal made of

what is pot metal made of

What is Pot Metal Made Of?

Pot metal, also known as pewter or white metal, is an alloy of metals used in cast metal objects. It has been used since the 19th century for all kinds of shapes and designs and is still used today.


Pot metal is a low-melting-point alloy resulting from a variety of metals. The most common metals used in its composition are:

  • Lead: provides strength and stability to the metal
  • Antimony: makes the metal harder and more resistant
  • Tin: improves the castability of the metal
  • Zinc: increases the strength and malleability of the alloy
  • Copper: produces a pleasing silver color finish

Other less common metals such as aluminium, bismuth, iron, and nickel may also be added, depending on the design.


Pot metal is used in many industries, including jewelry, automotive, apparel, furniture, and decorative pieces. It is ideal for many types of applications because of its low melting point, malleability, and low cost. It is also well-suited for making toys, art objects, and other collectibles.


Pot metal is an alloy composed of various metals with a low melting point and malleability used for a wide variety of applications. It is an inexpensive and versatile option for creating all kinds of cast objects.