what leaf looks like a pot leaf

what leaf looks like a pot leaf

Marijuana, a Pot Leaf Look-Alike

Marijuana, more commonly known as pot, is recognizable for its iconic leaf shape. But did you know that there are other plants with a similar-looking leaf? It turns out these other plants don’t even have anything to do with marijuana, but their leaves look strikingly similar.

3 Look-Alikes for Pot Leaves

If you’ve ever seen marijuana before, you know that its leaves have a distinctive, five-pointed shape. Here are three plants whose leaves look a lot like a pot leaf, yet they are completely different plants:

  • Aralia Plant. This perennial plant, also known as “Devil’s Walking Stick,” produces leaves with the same 7–8-inch size of the marijuana leaf. It can be identified by its black stems and white flower clusters.
  • Hemp Plant. Also known as cannabis sativa, these plants actually belong to the same family as marijuana, though hemp has little to no THC (the main psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a “high”). However, these plants look extremely similar to pot leaves, with their serrated edges and pointy shape.
  • Lambsquarter Plant. This plant produces leaves that are a bit smaller than the pot leaf, with more curved shapes. This plant is sometimes confused with hemp, but it can be identified by its round seed heads.

If you ever see a plant with a familiar-looking leaf shape, don’t be fooled by its resemblance to pot. Even if it looks like a marijuana leaf, you should always double-check what you’re looking at.