what sides go best with pot roast

what sides go best with pot roast

What Sides Go Best With Pot Roast?

Pot Roast is a popular dish that can give you a delicious, hearty meal fit for a king. To make Pot Roast even more enjoyable, combining it with the perfect side dish is key. Here are some of the best side dishes to go with Pot Roast:

Carrots and Parsnips

These two vegetables are often combined to make a delicious side dish that complements the flavor of Pot Roast. This root vegetable medley can be cooked within the roasting pan or pot to ensure they absorb all the delicious roast flavors. To make it even more flavorful, combine with butter and herbs like thyme and rosemary.

Mashed Potatoes

What would any roast dinner be without mashed potatoes? Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food and mashed potatoes are a perfect accompaniment to Pot Roast. Boil and then mash potatoes and add butter, milk, cream, salt and pepper to create the ultimate release of deliciousness.


Gravy is a must-have for any sort of roast dinner. Before pouring the gravy over the dish, make sure to give the sauce full-flavor, full-depth with herbs and spices. Alternatively, you can also buy gravy from the store to coat the roast.

Light Salads

If you’re looking to get in your greens, choose a light salad that won’t overpower the rest of the food. A simple cucumber, tomato or avo salad should do the trick.

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted veggies cook in a much shorter time than potatoes, so they make an excellent side dish. To make this side even more enjoyable, add a dollop of butter, some salt and pepper and you’ll be good to go.


Bread is an essential companion for any roast dinner. Choose from classic dinner rolls, baguette slices, garlic bread or cheesy bread. You can’t go wrong!


Some may say dessert is more important than the main. And with this in mind, Pot Roast makes an excellent fat and savory base for a sweet dessert. Choose from a range of classic, moreish desserts such as brownies, cookies, cakes or any other sweet treat you can find.

So there you have it – some of the best side dishes to go with Pot Roast. Now all you need is the perfect bottle of wine and you’re all set for a delicious roast dinner. Enjoy!