what size pot do i need for my plant

what size pot do i need for my plant

What Size Pot Do I Need For My Plant?

When it comes to selecting the correct pot for your new plants, it is important to be mindful of the size – do not underestimate the importance of picking the right size pot!

1. Check The Plant’s Description

Generally, the size of pot your plant requires will be listed in its care instructions. Some plants are simply dwarf varieties that won’t grow, meaning they don’t need a lot of soil and can be planted in a smaller pot, however, most plants will need a pot size that allows them to grow to their full potential.

2. Choose The Right Shape Pot For Your Plant

Different types of plants require different types of pots, as some need better drainage or more root space than others. Consider the following when selecting your pot:

  • Tall plants – typically require taller, narrow pots. Tall pots help hold the material that supports the stem.
  • Bushy plants – typically require wider, shallow pots. Wider pots provide adequate space for plants that spread outwards.
  • Root-bound plants – prefer little space, but requires access to fresh air.

3. The Pot Size Should Allow For Growth

No matter the shape of your pot, you need to remember that it needs to be big enough to accommodate the growth of your plant roots and provide adequate soil and water. As a general rule, the pot size should be two inches wider and two inches deeper than the current roots of your plant.

4. Opt for Larger Sizes

In most cases, it is better to err on the larger side when selecting a pot size. If you choose a pot that is too small, your plant may look stunted and may not be able to thrive. It is best to select a pot that is at least one or two sizes larger than the necessary size. This allows for growth and gives you more flexibility.

5. Recommended Potting Materials

In addition to finding the right size and shape of pot for your plants, it is important to select the proper potting materials. Pots made of terracotta or ceramic absorb water quickly, while plastic is a more durable and economical option. Whatever type you choose, make sure that your pot has holes in the bottom for proper drainage.


Finding the right size pot for your plant can make all the difference when it comes to nurturing and successfully growing your plants. Be sure to read the care instructions of your plants, and opt for larger pot sizes whenever possible to ensure your plants have the space and material to really thrive.