what size pot for fig tree

what size pot for fig tree

Pot Size for Fig Trees


Fig trees, popularly known for their sweet, juicy fruits, are a great addition to any garden. These fruiting trees need to be planted in the right pot size in order for the roots to develop properly and for the tree to produce its delicious figs. There are a few key points to consider when determining which size pot to use:

  • Root Size: Fig trees tend to have deep, spreading roots that can quickly outgrow smaller pots. A pot that is too small will stunt the roots and cause the tree to become rootbound. Larger pots with a wide diameter are best to ensure that the roots have enough space to comfortably expand.
  • Drainage: Figs are not fans of soggy soil, so it’s important to get a pot with good drainage. Look for pots with multiple drainage holes so excess moisture can be quickly moved out of the soil.
  • Depth: Generally, a fig tree should be planted in a pot that is 10-12 inches deep, as this will provide enough room for the roots to grow before the pot becomes rootbound.

Choosing the Right Pot

When selecting the right pot for your fig tree, it is important to choose the largest pot possible that will still fit in the desired location. For large trees, consider using plastic or wooden half-barrels. This popular style of planter is large and deep, providing plenty of space for the roots to grow and the soil to stay well-drained. For smaller fig trees, clay pots are great options as they are widely available in a variety of sizes and colors.


Fig trees should be planted in pots with plenty of space for the roots to spread, enough depth for the tree to properly branch and form fruit, and good drainage to keep the soil from becoming too soggy. Clay pots and wooden half-barrels are two popular options for potting a fig tree, so it’s important to ensure that the right size is selected to accommodate the tree’s needs. With the proper pot selection, your fig tree is sure to thrive and produce delicious fruits!