what size pot for pothos

what size pot for pothos

What Size Pot for Pothos?

Pothos is among the most popular houseplants due to its ease of care and being so adaptable in both the light and pot size that it requires. But it can be difficult to know what pot size you should use to get the best result with your Pothos. Here are some tips to consider when deciding what size pot for your Pothos:

Pot Size vs Growth Rate

The pot size you choose for your Pothos can affect the growth rate of your plant. If the pot is too small, the roots will become root bound and the soil too nutrient-poor to support healthy growth. If the pot is too large, the soil is likely to remain too moist which can cause root rot.

Choose medium-sized pots

The best pot size to choose for your Pothos is one that is one or two sizes larger than the current pot. This will give it enough room to spread its roots and promote healthy growth. A pot that is 10-12 inches in diameter is usually ideal for most types of Pothos.

Consider drainage

It’s important to make sure the pot you choose has drainage holes so the soil can properly aerate. Without these holes, your Pothos is more likely to get root rot from excess moisture.

Pot materials to consider

When choosing a pot for your Pothos, you should make sure it’s made of a material that is porous and breathable. Clay and terracotta are the best materials as they allow air and water to properly circulate around the soil.

Benefits of re-potting

Re-potting is important for keeping your Pothos healthy and ensuring it has enough room to grow. Re-potting can also add essential nutrients to the soil and help it get rid of any excess salts that it might be dealing with.

What to keep in mind when re-potting

When re-potting your Pothos, it’s important to make sure you don’t shock the plant by using a pot that is too large. Also, use a potting mix that is specifically designed for indoor plants.

In conclusion, with the right pot size and potting materials, you can ensure your Pothos grows and thrives. For most types of Pothos, a 10-12 inch diameter pot is ideal. Make sure the pot has proper drainage holes and use a potting mix specifically designed for indoor plants. Re-potting your Pothos is important for proper growth, but be careful not to use a pot that is too large.