what size pot for pothos

what size pot for pothos

What Size Pot for Pothos?

Growing pothos (also known as devil’s ivy) is becoming more popular as a houseplant. It’s an easy to care for plant, with vibrant green leaves, making it a beautiful addition to any home. But when starting out to grow pothos, it is essential to understand the right size pot to use.

Pot Size Matters

Trying to use a pot that’s too large for pothos will have serious repercussions on their growth. The soil will stay saturated for too long, leading to root rot. The plant will also be more expensive to water and care for, due to the larger amount of soil needed.

Conversely, if the pot is too small, the plant will be pot bound, with roots that will wrap around themselves in the confined space of the pot. This can slow or even stop the growth of the pothos.

The Right Pot for Pothos

To ensure your pothos grows successfully, a pot that is 1-2 inches bigger than the rootball is the ideal choice. That’s because a pot that is too big will hold too much water, and one that is too small will not provide pothos with the necessary space for its roots to grow.

You also want to select a pot with well draining holes at the bottom. This allows for excess water to escape and helps to prevent root rot.

Types of Pots for Pothos

When picking the right pot for your pothos, there are various options available:

  • Terracotta Clay Pots: These are a popular choice for indoor plants. They often have earthy tones and rough texture, allowing them to match various room decors. But make sure to place a tray underneath the pot, to protect furniture from potential water damages.
  • Plastic Containers: Plastic pots come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are lightweight, usually very inexpensive and easy to clean. It is also easier to observe the soil condition of the pothos, giving you more insight on its watering needs.
  • Hanging Baskets: These are a great option for pothos, as they allow the vines to hang freely, allowing the plant to flourish.

Picking the right pot is essential for pothos to grow healthily and enjoy a long life. With this knowledge in hand, you’re well on your way to taking care of your pothos and keeping your home looking beautiful.