what temperature should i bring my potted flowers inside

what temperature should i bring my potted flowers inside

Bringing potted flowers inside during cold temperatures

When winter starts to approach and temperatures drastically drop, you may want to start thinking about bringing your potted flowers and other sensitive plants inside to keep them safe from the cold and potential damage. But what temperature should you watch out for and when should you start bringing them inside?

Watch the temperature

Keep an eye on the weather, especially late in the season. When temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it may be time to start bringing those potted flowers and other sensitive plants inside. Oftentimes, when the temperatures become too cold, sensitive plants like petunias and geraniums may not be able to survive, so to keep them healthy and looking their best, it’s best to bring them inside before the cold weather sets in.

Provide protection

Even when bringing your plants inside, it’s a good idea to provide a little extra protection. Move the plants into a spot where they will get bright but indirect sunlight and cover plants with cloth to protect them from the colder temperatures. This will help keep them safe if temperatures drop suddenly during the night.

Bringing them back outside

When temperatures are regularly staying above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s safe to start bringing those potted flowers and plants back outside. Make sure to transition them back outside slowly by leaving them out for shorter periods of time before gradually increasing the amount of direct sunlight they experience. This will help them adjust to going outside and prevent sunburn on the leaves.

Additional tips

Here are some other tips to help protect your potted flowers from freezing temperatures:

  • Water sensibly: Remember to check the soil moisture of your plants before watering. Wilting or droopy leaves may be an indication that the soil is too dry, while overly waterlogged soil indicates over-watering.
  • Avoid drafts: Things like forced air heating vents can cause cooler drafts. Move the plants away from drafts to prevent them from getting chilled.
  • Keep humidity levels up: If there’s not already some kind of humidifier inside, try adding a few buckets of water to increase the humidity in the air. This will help to protect the potted plants and flowers during cold weather.

Following these tips can help keep your potted flowers and plants safe and healthy during the winter months. But remember, the best way to protect them is to bring them inside before temperatures drop too low.